Gems & Jewellery Industries

Categories of Personnel

Plant Managers, Production Managers, Metallurgical Engineers, Technical Engineers, Technical Consultants, Quality Assurance Managers, Casting Engineers, Refinery Engineers, Production Coordinators, Production Supervisors, Quality Control Supervisors, Diamond Asserters, Designers, Stamping Technicians, Casting Technicians, Supervisor Technical Operations, Stone Treasurers, Model Making Supervisor, Stone Setting Supervisors, Casting Supervisors, Stone Treasury Supervisor, Setting Supervisors.


Skilled Categories

Goldsmiths, Model Makers, Wax Model Makers, Stone Setters, Pre-cutters, Filers / Finishers, Rubber Cutters, Rubber Caster, Wax Setters, Diamond Setters, Polishers, Wax Injectors, Rubber Mold Cutters, Dye Cutters, Grinders, Tumbler operators.


Academic Professional Background

Master of Diamond Technology, M. D. Tech; from Indian Diamond Institute, Surat, India. (An autonomous Institute under Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.), A.C.D.T. (Advance Course in Diamond Technology), B. Tech. / M. Tech. Graduation /Post Graduate degree in Mineral Processing / Metallurgy, from (The Mining Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India (M.M.G.I) & (Indian Institute of Mineral Engineers (M.I.E.E.) Degree/ Diploma in Diamond, Stone Assortment & Marketing, (Bombay Diamond Merchant Association & Indo American Society Mumbai.)

Technical Qualification (Jewellery Institutes)



F.F.I.G. Fellow of Forum of Indian Gemologists.

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi.

Dip. in Gemology
    Gemological Institute of India, Bombay.
Dip. in Diamond Grading Indian Diamond Institute, Surat.
Dip. in Diamonds Gem artisan Training School, Jaipur.
Jewellery Designing S.N.D.T. Mumbai.
Inter Certificate in Drawing Maharashtra Govt. Mumbai.

     (Cutting & polishing, colored, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, Gems Stones Carving)